BUKA Handbook

During the weeks of the 26th September and 5th October 2023, the BUKA project partners met in Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), in Tampere, Finland, and in Dublin City University (DCU), in Dublin, Ireland. During these two weeks of meetings the work accomplished to date in the project was discussed and detailed plans were made for the work remaining in the final year of the project.

A key project deliverable in the next year is the BUKA edited handbook of inclusive online and distance learning, which will be authored by members of the project team, and will be based on what has been learned from the BUKA pilot projects, their evaluations, lessons learned, etc. The handbook will target academics, teachers, instructional designers, technical staff, students, and decision makers in online and distance learning contexts. A core part of the handbook will be the presentation of case studies based on the pilot projects, which will offer insight into the rationale for these projects, the methodology and processes used to progress the work involved, challenges encountered, project findings, and the sustainability and transferability of the work carried out in each project. The handbook will also include content, based on the lessons learned from the BUKA project overall, about capacity building in a post-pandemic context relating to inclusive online learning. The handbook will be published primarily as an online book with a CC-BY-NC-SA licence, and is scheduled to be released in the Autumn of 2023.