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Some members of the BUKA Project
BUKA Project Members at the Kickoff Meeting in Penang Malaysia (2020)
BUKA Project Members at the Kickoff Meeting in Penang Malaysia (2020)

The aim of the project is to promote equity and access to higher education in Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines through the use of inclusive instructional design (ID) and learning analytics (LA) in online and blended learning, especially in the context of Open and Distance Learning (ODL).

The objectives are to build capacity in inclusive ID and LA, improve students’ learning engagement, active learning and study skills with the help of ID and LA based interventions, improve pedagogical and technical accessibility of digital learning materials, and use LA for more effective, personalised support for distance learners.

In all three Partner countries, improving access to quality higher education is a priority. ODL is seen as a viable way of doing this, as it gives access to students with diverse backgrounds, for instance students in remote areas, mature age students and working students. However, access is only the starting point: the students also need to be able to successfully complete their studies. To ensure better equity and student retention, issues such as pedagogical and technical inclusion, accessible digital materials, and personalised support must be considered.